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Yule of Yesteryears
Winter's Soltice
22nd December - 1st February

Christmas Eve - 24th December
Christmas Day - 25th December (Christian festival)
Boxing Day - 26th December
Cold Moon - 27th December (12.33am)
New Years Eve / Scottish Hogmanay - 31st December
New Years Day - 1st January
Wolf Moon - 23rd January 2024
Burns Night - 25th January (Celebration of the life and work of Scottish poet, Robert Burns)

Row of Pine Trees

Experience a new level of living with our handpicked selection of homeware and interior furnishings.

Choosing Christmas Tree

Spruce up

Your Life

Christmas Decorations

How can we give and gift light and still create a sumptuous Christmas laden with the seasonal gifts?  Find the beauty in simplicity.  Martin Lewis gave a beautiful talk recently trending on Instagram.  Can we take a beautiful deep breath and take the pressure off.  When a gift is warmth, a peaceful home and shared meal, can we bring back the gift

Citrus and Flowers_edited.jpg
Christmas Gift

Sustainable Living Made Easy

From furniture to decor, we have everything you need to create a space that reflects your unique style and personality.

Pumpkins and squashes a plenty,

marrows and cucurbits galore! Gourdeous!

Christmas Bouquet
Christmas Decorations
Christmas Wreath Workshop_edited.jpg
Christmas Wreath Workshop_edited.jpg
Hiking Boots

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind and while away time?  Now amplify that by doing it from the comfort of bed!  The dishes can wait while read books and magazines, or play your favourite records while sipping tea leisurely on a dark weekend morning from the cosy cocoon of layers of linen and pillows.

Birds on Frozen Grass

Express Your Style with Ease

Trees in Winter
Cozy Winter

It all can Wait!

The humble Ploughmans, hearty cotton bundled, basket delivered food of the field, evolved to a bountiful smorgasbord to the elevated status of a Grazing Table!  The great thing is there is no one way to do it.  Simply lay out on a large serving board and piles on your favourites. Dot and intersperse the colour, adding handfuls of fresh ingredients and bundles of green leaves for a sumptuous feast to tuck into with friends!

Christmas Cocktail
New Year Sign_edited_edited.jpg
Citrus and Flowers_edited.jpg
Lighting Sparklers

Our mission is to provide you with a selection of homeware and interior furnishings that are both stylish and sustainable.

Bring the Season Alive with these Homemaking and Homeliving

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