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The Art of Ease

Since the most ancient of times, when we knew the land intimately, we have crafted homes for ourselves. 

Our homes are fundamental to the way we experience life, offering us that most basic necessity of shelter, whilst being the foundational places in which we experience love, relationship, nurturing and hospitality.

How they work, how we function within them, and how they make us feel, affects us enormously; yet very often, they are not the supporting, life giving spaces we have always dreamt of them being, and can leave us feeling overwhelmed and not at our best.


My passion is to help you get the most from your home, so that you can live, at your most expansive, breathtaking self.  At Ease Edit, we think homes should be easeful, life giving spaces that support you to live at your best and in a space that celebrates and serves you to be able to bring forth your most rested, happy and dynamic self to your family and to the world ~ and we all need that!


We also believe that by living with greater connectedness to our natural environment, we can experience higher levels of happiness and wellbeing and can shift the balance towards sustainable living as we draw on the inspiration of ancient living to cultivate appreciation for what we have now and the future we are creating by living our daily lives in our homes with mind of how we fit within our big home, earth.

Ease Edit draws together a heartfelt passion for beautiful interior design, the joy of timeless objects, fantastic home organisation, and living harmoniously with our natural world, celebrating the benefits of these combined practices to create a fabulous existence for you and all who encounter your sacred home.

It is my and our hope, that you, your family and home, will join us!

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Tropical Leaves
"Colour makes the heart sing, touches the soul and gives joy to the spirit.  Searching for this special feeling is my life’s passion."

Tricia Guild, Founder of Designers Guild

these ways of ease
run through everything we do

Wooden Table


Beautifully designed and well made products with a timeless elegance for a contemporary world, that will grow with you.


A tactile palette of colour, texture and pattern, that offers depth, scale and contrast, to richly animate your space.

Image by Svitlana
Image by Marten Bjork


Treasuring the unique character and tangible glow of heirloom pieces that whisper stories of our ancestry of culture and craft.


Fantastic home organisation solutions that help you find, store and access your processions with ease, whilst looking beautiful.

Image by Uliana Kopanytsia
Natural Soap


Creating deeply nourishing spaces that take care of you, 

inspiring and motivating you to be at your best.


Harnessing the gifts of light and space, orientating towards spacious and expansive living, and exploring a gentler pace.

Wooden Bench
Image by Annie Spratt


Consciously stewarding our precious and delicate relationship with the natural world by sourcing sustainably and reducing waste.


Nurturing and celebrating our innate connection with the land, through elemental materials and seasonal styling.

Tree Stump

Overcoming problems

One of the difficulties we face in this ‘modern’ and fast paced world, is that very often there are very few tactile clues that reinforce our connection with nature and our global community of one another.  It is rare to make things ourselves and therefore have a tangible sense of the effort, work, care and energy that went into them.


We often don’t know the materials they are made from, where they come from, the processes involved and the impact they leave, whether on the landscape of their origin or the livelihoods of the families of workers they've touched as they pass from creation to final end user.  We don’t know the artistic endeavours of the original imaginers of the objects or little of what their lives look like.

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