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Katie Pearce

Let's Get Cozy

Hi!  I'm Katie. 

I founded Ease Edit to bring my life long passions for interiors, people and the environment together. 

I love working with clients to discover what really makes them tick. 

There is something very special about the energy of beautifully and thoughtfully designing spaces and crafting homes that celebrate and nurture my clients and their families to live and be at their best.

Help clients have sometimes told me, that they are not sure what they like, or they do not know their style, I find the buried treasure among their processions and create a palette and design that weaves the threads of their story to create spaces that deeply resonate with them and which allow them to experience more ease and joy, enjoying their home to its fullest potential. 


there are always beautiful clues and hidden treasure upon their possessions,

I'm probably a bit nostalgic.  I believe that energy inhabits spaces and I work to


I'm endlessly scouring charity shops and markets in search of those beautiful objects that excite my soul.  They spark interest and curiosity and reveal beauty to us.


Over my fourty years I have travelled widely, gathering treasure as I've gone from textiles, sculture, art and furniture.  I've also seen the landscape changed through in consumption,   celebrated Travelled 

I am keen to work to restore this union we have always innately shared with the environment, learning from cultural practices which still live with a great tactility to their landscape. 


I believe these Ways of Ease have the capacity to transform the way we create 'home' and deeply nourish our lives.

With Ease,

Katie x

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